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Graduate Area Manager was asked...23 May 2019

They asked about earning trust and diving deep to finish a project etc

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Interview questions were varied between behavioural, motivational and experience questions.

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Honestly. I provided examples and told stories about my career history.

How many questions are there

How interview questions are based on


What stresses you out and how do you deal with it?

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Hi could you tell me a bit more about the maths test it's the component stressing me out the most and I am considering to apply for this position Less

The maths test is similar to GMAT testing. i.e. a simple google search finds the answer to all the questions, which should alleviate all stress. Less


Give us an example of a time when you were very focused on succeeding and how

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Talked about captaining my rugby team with a lot of beginner players

How long did it take people to hear back from doing virtual / group assessment?


Q: Why Aldi?

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Hi, can you tell me what the presentation on an recruitment issue was? What was the presentation on? Do you know who was at your assessment? Hope to hear soon.Thanks! Less

In the scenario I had, we had to select one candidate out of four for a secondment role from a store manager role to a project role. Unfortunately its not something you can prep for and its not even dependant on the conclusions you draw really, it seemed to me that they were testing our skills of persuasion and communication, as well as our ability to inclusively debate with other people. As long as you had a clear and articulate explanation that made logical sense they will have been happy. The recruiter disagreed with our conclusion, however i suspect she does this to challenge the potential graduates and see how they react under stern examination. At the assessment there were 4 candidates and two HR representatives, one junior member and one the head of the graduate recruitment scheme. Less

Mott MacDonald

Competency based questions - Name a time you improved a situation, handled a heavy workload,etc Some general discussion as well, relaxed and friendly interviewers

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Hi, may I ask are you a UK applicant or an International one?

I am a UK applicant


- Chime : Questions en relations avec les principes de leadership , vous trouverez de quoi faire sur youtube et sur glassdoor

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Focalisez vous vraiment sur les expériences ( stages, alternances de préférences ) où vous avez travailler en équipe et pour des clients, quand je dit client c'est aussi bien en interne qu'en externe, donc toute personne à qui vous avez du rendre un livrable. Less

Quelle était la question en anglais svp?

Premier Inn

In your questionnaire you said you prefer to walk to work. You may have to relocate and it might be impossible for you to do this. Is that a problem?

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Sounds like a happy go lucky kind of person...wonder why he/she did not get the job? Less

Having thought this was a "green" questions I was surprised she asked this. I always prefer to walk, but if I live far away I'll take the bus or get a car...this is the most ridiculous question I've ever been asked! Did she think I would refuse to work if I had to take the bus or what?? Less


Why do you want to work for this company?

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Look elsewhere. You'll be glad you did.

Honestly answered the question with adequate reasons.

Mott MacDonald

1) The biggest factor influencing change in developing cities. 2) How do you cope with change

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Can i ask how long it took for your to get a response after your interview? Thanks Less

What location within the UK was the role based?

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