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Present a project that you've worked on

4 Answers

Hi, I would like to know more about the coding test, did you finish it in one hour? How many questions? I receive 5 questions too, I applied as graduate program as well and I haven't any MCQ questions, just coding tasks and 1 hour was not enought time.

I am interested that how did you reply during the phone interview so that finally they invited you to do in-person interview?

Did you finish all the five programs in the first round?

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Write a program to identify prime number, number sort, some oops related conceptual questions

3 Answers

Online Assessment. 2x medium level algorithms and data structures questions to solve in 45 minutes. (I don't think I'm allowed to share the questions)

2 Answers

Define how search keyword suggestion (such as the suggestions in google search) can be implemented.

2 Answers

Tell us about a problem you needed to solve.

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2 Coding Questions.

1 Answer

How would you design the user/login system backend API for a website?

1 Answer

Previous projects

1 Answer

Breadth first and depth first search

1 Answer

How do you build a toy factory?

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