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Being a small company, the question about salary was the most difficult, gauging what to ask (based on the research about the company). The unexpected question was the request about what abilities outside the advertised role could I see as being useful at Eagle Creative.

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Being handy at most things I put my hands to, I was able to assure them that this wasn't a problem.

Thinking on your feet in an interview is so important. I'd suggest a skill that perhaps is not in the role description but that could add significant value. For example, skills and knowledge about barcoding software has saved my own company a significant amount in barcode generation cost. Another example is my contacts with quality suppliers has added value by making our digital budget more competitive and also providing a stronger pool of suppliers to work with.

Tell me about your previous job?

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What is your experience?

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and another case study and then another

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What did you think of the interview process

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What is the salary range are you after?

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How much branding experience I had?

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Situational questions mainly

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Do you see yourself as a progressing into a leading roll, or would you prefer to be on the tools?

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Do you see yourself progressing to a leadership role or stay on the tools?

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