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Do you have any questions for us?

1 Answer

Actually ask some things you want to know and be inquisitive. They want to see you being interested in them too! My response was something along the lines of 'It's clear that this is a cohesive, team orientated environment, is that the difference between you and your competitors? And something about being able to work on multiple projects and trying to get the most out of my experience, how could I do that?

Why do you want to work in department Z?

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Can you explain XYZ on your resume?

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Tell us about yourself

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What do you know about our brands' current campaigns?

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How do you go about solving a problem : give an example.

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How would you sell x item? Name three selling points of x item. What is the process of accompanying a customer?

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Tell us about your self

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They will give you a case study, typically about Telstra and a technology that they are testing.

What understanding do you have of design thinking

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