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Investment banking associate Interview Questions


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To illustrate my knowledge of M&A by fully explaining a recent deal

1 Answer

Reviewed financial websites to find which companies were acquired and how they did so

If you had 10 million dollars, how would you invest it?

1. 3 ways to value a company 2. Benefits of Equity financing over debt 3. Brain teaser

Why IBD. Why Nomura. Some basic technical IBD questions such as (What is EBITDA, walk me through a DCF, and some math brainteasers)

What was your least favorite class and why didn’t you like it?

What was your best and worst subject at university?

What is 49^2?

1 Answer

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What's something our clients should be aware of in the market at the moment?

Why do you want to work for ANZ? Why should we hire you?

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