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Junior accountant Interview Questions


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There were full of golf balls in a car and how would you work out the number of balls.

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measure the car size.

Reasons you wanna work in Etax; your strengths?

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They do not have any senior managers in Sydney, at least for the Finance and Accounting department. As I had read here, I see why there is high rotation as without any mentoring, young people do not get any feedback or direction to work their professional paths. They told me straight away I was alone there and my feedback would come from them (different times, from their perspective...)

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Standard interview questions, such as why you would like the job, how you usually work, how you picture your future etc

work experience, work right status, whether OT is acceptable

What extra-curricular activities do you participated in

How can you demonstrate your ability to work with others

Just talked a lot about my experiences and behavioral type questions

How much do you know about our company?

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