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Hypothetical questions were designed both to test the legal knowledge of the candidate and the practical response they would give in a scenario.

Describe a time where you were under pressure and how did you handle it?

How would you manage a large group of people across the world

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Why do you want to work with us

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They will quiz you on your experience and why you applied - so have some info up your sleeve about the Firm and what you can contribute!

What makes you laugh?

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previous work places , goals and values - where i wanted to be in 5 years all of the usual stuff from HR - the team was more precise with the Role

Questions were a mix of outline your experience to personality based questions. One example was asking what would happen if the business came up to you and said that they want to go ahead with a new product but you find out that they need a permit first. How would you respond? If the business then said that they would go ahead with it anyway despite your answer, what would you do next.

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