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give an example when you actually reduced the cost

1 Answer

Not possible because the industry where I worked had been doing the same processes and products for a long time. All costs were perfectly costed over its decades of existence.

Do you have an example of how you improved safety?

1 Answer

Explain a situation when you are not able to explain things to some stakeholder and how did you manage?

How your friends and manager describes you? Three important skills to have for this job? If you'll join then what will you do in the very first week?

A project you failed to deliver and what were your learnings from that failure

Explain a situation when you have been criticized and how did to improved on that?

When you have to build relationships and how you made them comfortable

How do you deal with difficult colleagues? What is prepayment/accrual? What is your Capex/ opex budgeting experience?

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