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Why Deloitte?

1 Answer

There are many other firms to go to!

Market Sizing case study

1 Answer

They do a DISC analysis and a non structural interview very Amateur

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Q. Can you describe a time that you let your team down or made a mistake that was bad for the team? Case study 1. Size the coffee capsule market in Australia and determine any considerations or drivers for the market. Case study 2. Size the print and online newspaper market in Australia and determine any considerations or drivers for the market. Both case studies were about a company considering entering an Australian market who wanted it sized and described for them.

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One case study per interview. One of the case was of an operational problem in a mining company. Based on a real case, were they have to solve how to increase revenue without making new investments.

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In physical interview: Case interview, standard personality tests - they prod for things you exemplify that fit their values (stewardship etc.) - hone down on these and you'll be fine.

My purpose, My goals, My character strengths. Very different to a normal interview and very refreshing.

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Revise some basic to medium probability like combinatorics, choosing balls from a bag etc.

Wouldnt say difficult... but I was asked why I wanted to work for them. I said I wanted the exposure to blue chip clients, meaty projects, international experience, and opportunity to learn about the other consulting arms. The GM literally scoffed, rolled his eyes and exclaimed to the CL "look sorry.. but I've heard this all before". I felt like I was invisible.

What was one time where you encountered conflict in a team environment

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