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Would you be willing to volunteer your time next Friday night on an unpaid trial shift?

3 Answers

(Sadly enough, because I was unemployed at the time) Yeah, sure, I'll be there this Friday to help you guys out and prove to you that I'm worth hiring.

Magnetic Alliance has a challenging interview process to ensure the best candidates are hired which have resulted in Magnetic Alliance being awarded one of the top ten best workplaces in Australia. Candidates need to demonstrate qualities fit to our culture. Misrepresenting facts and posting negative reviews because a candidate didn’t get selected will not result in better job prospects and will only damage the reputation of the candidate. In this case, the company made the right choice to reject this applicant for the position. We do what is best for the client, the company and the candidate, focusing on a win-win-win outcome. We want to make sure it is the right fit from the start for all parties involved, whether it's our own internal staff or for our clients. We do however hope you find that perfect job for you!!

I find this hard to believe. I have worked part-time at Magnetic Alliance for a year now; there are three Filipinos, two Chinese, two Indians, one Laotian, three 'anglo' Australians, and one part Aboriginal - I find it hard to believe the OP's accusation of racism and suspect that s/he didn't pass the interview process and had a case of sour grapes.

If you were in a conflict with another staff member, how would you approach fixing the situation?

2 Answers

Why did I think I was a good fit for their business

2 Answers

What's your Gao Kao scores

2 Answers

Tell me a about a time you made a mistake

2 Answers

What was the connection with the current employee who highly recommended the job to me

2 Answers

Why are you right for this role?

1 Answer

What were my thoughts on B2B companies using social media

1 Answer

What is your travel experience? (approximately)

1 Answer

Tell me about a challenge or conflict you've faced at work, and how you dealt with it.

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