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All bar one question were standard. But the exception made me uncomfortable, and it was asked twice, in two separate occasions: “How do you feel about working in a team of women?”

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Obviously I answered truthfully and said I’d be fine with that, as I would in a team of men or a mixed team. But it was so odd, and I’d question whether it was appropriate. It left me thinking no matter what, they’re clearly looking for a woman to fill the position, and I’m here for this 2 month long interview process, just to make up the numbers. In the end, I was knocked back because of lack of commercial experience. That, despite setting up my own biotechnology team and being a hospitality manager for a decade at the same time.

Standard, plus behavioural. But I was asked the same, very same question, on two separate occasions, which I felt was weird if not borderline improper: ‘Can you work with a team of women?’ As a man it felt rather uncomfortable, and that when I didn’t get the job due to not quite enough commercial experience (despite setting up a biotechnology company and running a restaurant for a number of years), that I had no chance anyway and that they were looking for female. I don’t know if that’s who they went for in the end yet, but it didn’t feel right. Plus the number of months I committed to the interview process.

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Describe a time when you had to give negative feedback to somebody/colleague

What clinical experience do you have that will help you to be successful in this role?

Conflict resolution

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