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All the questions they ask are pretty standard. The hardest part of the whole process is adjusting to the time between each part.

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Waiting for class dates to fill up for example.

Since I have a history of changing jobs often I was asked to explain why.

1 Answer

Why would you want to work for a startup company?

1 Answer

From your perspective, why was your position eliminated at your last employer?

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describe a situation when you had a a bad complain very fast presentation of the system after a tour of the place and test skills and after the waiting to see you pass or fail and if you pass the interview with the team lead and after they thank you and they will call you

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How proficient are you in SQL? Tell me about yourself

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When a customer looses data due to hardware failure how do you break the ice to them?

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What would you consider your strengths?

Name a time when you worked in a group setting.

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