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Since I have a history of changing jobs often I was asked to explain why.

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I said I was gathering some excellent experiences to bring to Pershing.

describe a situation when you had a a bad complain very fast presentation of the system after a tour of the place and test skills and after the waiting to see you pass or fail and if you pass the interview with the team lead and after they thank you and they will call you

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All the questions they ask are pretty standard. The hardest part of the whole process is adjusting to the time between each part.

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Why would you want to work for a startup company?

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From your perspective, why was your position eliminated at your last employer?

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45 minutes of questions, is kind of hard to remember any specifics. If you are going to apply to them, which with what I know now would never do, make sure you go back to your school books and refresh on everything (for me that was over 10 years ago this book knowledge). They do not care how you solve a problem, only that you can define things and know where the setting is in the software. They will not care about on who you are, only what tech info you can define. The interview was only difficult because normal interviews are about the person, not what they can regurgitate.

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Are you willing to learn/improve new skills that you may not have thought about?

Standard questions on what I can do and what I could bring to their business.

At one time or another, we have all had to deal with a person (for example, a co-worker, classmate, or teammate) who has unreasonable demands or expectations. In the space below, please describe a time when you faced a situation like this. What did you do?