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If there was a long line of customers, they're getting quite agitated and the person in front of you keeps on chatting away.How would you deal with the situation?

2 Answers

I would try and get through the line as fast as I can whilst being polite to the current customer and let them know that you would love to chat but you have to help out all these people as well.

I would politely let the customer know I'd love to have more time with him/her however there is long queue behind I got to help out as well.

What did you do in your previous job?

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What do I like best about my current role?

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You now have 2 mins to ask any questions about Westpac and make a summary about this interview.

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what for you is excellent customer service?

1 Answer

What do you think you would be doing on a typical day in our branch?

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Situational Questions focused mostly on sales

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how do you handle pressure

1 Answer

Tell me about a past experience where you had a demanding schedule and something urgent came up, and how you managed to complete all tasks within the demanding time frame

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previous sales experience

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