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How would I present their solutions and technology? What would be the difference in my pitch for technical and non-technical audience? During the technical round, I was asked several questions about Java, .NET and Web languages.

Questions were more about company fit, and what I wanted to achieve rather than a job role specifically which was great!

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The owner asked me about my experience and what value or contribution would I bring to the company, what deals I could bring with me.

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How would you deal with a difficult customer?

general Qs on experience, knowledge of market, clients and solutions delivered, lessons learnt etc

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SQL question based on sequences, joins and PL/SQL block.

How to refactor common code into a base class.

Cultural interview: why do you want to work for us? what do you know about us and our values? tell me about you? what is your biggest failure? what is your biggest achievement? what company you wouldn't work for? why? you are expected to ask also about your role and what the interviewers thinks about working at thoughtworks (best and worse).

Why do you want to be a consultant, what do you think consulting is

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