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If you were General Manager of the Experiences business for TripAdvisor ( for destinations in the United States, what are the metrics you would have on your daily dashboard in order of importance? (Most people give us at least 10, but not more than 20).

Pick a product or company. What is the actual product? If you ran that product team what would be your North Star metric? What would be the next three things you would do to move the needle the most?

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Tell us about a time when you figured out a non-obvious customer insight, that led to a feature / initiative that most moved your company metrics. Be specific.

Estimate the annual revenue of gas stations in the USA.

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Experience of working in my field

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What are you working on now? (First question) Do you have a background in design?

Design a fridge for a blind person

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Situational questions like, describe a situation where you were able to resolve conflict.

Tell how you manage risk?

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Very silly and not professional

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