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• Tell me about yourself especially recent two years of experience.

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Work in Engro foods Pakistan in HFO department ( power house)as circle leader mechanical maintenance last 3.5 years

Work as circle leader mechanical maintenance in HFO power house in Engro foods Pakistan

We are actually looking for someone with strong previous experience already purely as a digital project coordinator, assisting with EDM etc. Specifically in Digital, outside of your side business in this, have you had roles in this?

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Do you have any questions about what the role is?

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Mostly behavioural questions

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I was asked how I dealt with conflict in my role.

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1. Tell us about a time when you had to manage work pressure.

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What you enjoy in your recent role and why?

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How do you prioritise your work?

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Describe a moment you've had to deal with workplace conflict. How did you deal with it? what difficulties did you face? what was the feedback? what was the result?

usual questions like tell me about your data warehouse experience, what do you think are important attributes of project manager, how many years pm experience do you have, agency said one junior IT pm will interview me, instead i find getting questioned by IT pmo manager and it didnt start well from the second he walked in and he'd already made up his mind i'm not suitable .. fair enough but at least give me a go, anyway it was an uphill battle to try and talk about my experience or what i have to offer when your faced with a guy with bully-style demeanor and he's interview technique wasnt all that great either compared to interviews i've had with more senior PMs, said it would be a short interview .. i would have preferred him saying your just not what were looking for ....I felt sorry for the other junior pm who has to report to this guy with low emotional intelligence ... to be honest he didnt talk to her in a respectful way either .... I thought wow... this doesn't seem to be a high teamwork place and I wondered what kind of company culture there was in this team or at Fairfax media in general. they looked pretty stressed too which usually doesn't produce good results from your employees.

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