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Relationship manager Interview Questions


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where do you see yourself in 1, 3, 5 years time

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senior role, exposure to different areas


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Tell me about yourself.

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Tell us about yourself?

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Why do you think as a MBA in finance with no full time experience of Client Services you are suited for this role?

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Tell me about yourself ?

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Why do you think you are right for the role

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Very intense, most of the questions once the cognitive test is satisfactory are behavioral questions, scenarios regarding the job it self. The most challenging part is actually finding out that the job title does not match the job role itself as it is deceiving. The job role was actually debt collector. If the job role was advertised for what it actually was without hiding it under a fancy name the interview process would have been great.

Do you believe everyone is doing the best they can? Tell me about a time you got feedback you disagreed with.

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