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I told them clearly about my strong industry experience credentials and ability to connect the organisation with industry as my forte, rather than actually doing research,since I had stopped doing research and was in industry for several years. Note that in the job description,they had stated that they were prepared to consider both types of candidates (i.e with strong research experience or strong connections with industry,to create linkage with industry). But most of the interview was to give examples of research I had done recently.

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I just emphasised my strong connections and ability to connect and bring in research projects from industry.

Why should we choose you over other candidates?

How well will you align with our values? Which of our four values do you think is most important? Why?

On the spot case study: there is a new competitor in the market and has a introduced a innovative product to market. Our company has the immediate capability to imitate it. How would you design a research program to quickly assess whether we should do so?

What was the worst thing that you manager has ever said about you in a performance review and what did you do about it.

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