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We were asked to introduce ourselves and asked what we liked about Colettes. We were then put into pairs and had to "sell" the other person and had a minute to talk to each other and learn a few key points. Then we were put into groups of 3 and had to each pick an item and then try and sell it to the group.

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I mentioned Colettes being Australian owned, affordable etc

Hey about to go for an interview and need to know if it's hard and do we have to try and sell it to the whole group?

Hi Lauren, Yes we had to stand up in our group and say why we chose the bag or piece of jewellery. I picked a simple ring and just said "Its a simple, classic ring it will go with any outfit you wear, its an affordable price $14.99 but looks much more expensive" You just have to say all of the good things about the product, its great quality, great price , great style, goes with any outfit, great colour etc etc Just make sure you look up the company so you know a bit about them (Australian owned, started by a woman) and try to go first when introducing yourself so you can say your little spiel and just be confident :)

You notice an employee is doing a great job at something, how do you respond to this?

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Now it is time to ask me questions.

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For the first question, you had to fill out a questionnaire of your opposite partner

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You're helping a customer, the phone rings and a delivery man comes all at the same time. What do you do?

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Choose one word to describe yourself

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Why do you want to work at David jones

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What makes you suitable for this role?

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A customer wants 10 shirts, however only 4 shirts are available in the store. What do you do?

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what are your weaknesses

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