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I was asked several question but soon realized the job description did not match what the role really was asking for

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The interview went very well and I was made to feel like I had the role, only to never hear from the company every again which I though was poor form on their part

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. This is great feedback. As we grow we definitely need to nail down job descriptions to attract relevant skills and experience. Being a startup we want everything and more beyond a job description (!) so it's hard to put that in words which is probably an unreasonable expectation to put on the candidates unknowingly. We'll focus on improving this aspect of our recruitment process in the future. And apologies for the lack of communication after the interview, again, something we need to work on.

I respect the fact you replied to this. I understand as new start up it's not easy but your it shouldn't be hard to match a JD. But true to your word I am sure you will improve. The interview was great and you have a very exciting product, building, organization & team, hope it's all going well James.

Name a product that you're currently using that you could make better.

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They asked about my previous sales experience. Why did I want to join Fat Prophets

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Most of the questions were behavioral and you would be wise to have stories/anecdotes from your work history that illustrate the major job proficiencies. There were no unexpected questions.

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Instant Digital Signage (IDS) elevator pitch ?

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Take me through one of your key opportunities?

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Describe a stressful situation

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What I wanted from my next role & company

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Do you know any sales methodologies

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During a few answers, questions as to when was that several times over.

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