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Focued on my Sales Experience - situational style questions and why I was applying to join Salesforce & why now ??

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Honestly and recognised that my skill sets & needs jointly met what I needed in my career and what the Salesforce Team needed

Honestly and recognized that my skill sets and amp needs jointly met what I needed in my career and what the Salesforce Team needed

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Mostly about my experience, sales methodology and reasons for the job changes I made along the way. Looking for insight into my personal drivers.

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What type of creative are you?

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What exposure have you had to sales methodologies in the past?

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My shortcomings as perceived by others

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All pretty standard stuff. Except the panel which can be difficult as they may try and throw a few curve balls in this interview. They like to say you are an hour with the CIO then give you only 20 minutes.

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Asked for a presentation with an outline of your experience and what you think their opportunity is.

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None, A standard behavioral interview, the questions are on a pre-prepared form supplied to the department head by HR and probably came out of a recruitment book someplace. However, the department head was out of his depth and uncomfortable running a formal interview so I had to spoon feed him most of the answers.

How will you adjust your approach from selling a single solution to offering multiple solutions

What do you believe are important elements in customer experience?

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