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An online tests which requires a bit of time (quite laggy as well beware) for screening, an hr call short one no significant questions, pair programming coding test, interview with senior developers where a whiteboard coding exercise is involved and you talk about your projects and finally management interview by team leaders.

No technical questions apart from how have I implemented testing

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I didn't do the screening part properly I think. If you are not used to pair programming or cannot grasp the concept in an hour then you are out. They give you a small problem and you have to fix the failing unit tests. Mine was around the concept of event listeners, events, event managers etc. I think I was a bit stressed with the fact that they were watching me code and I have a limited time.

The first round online test is the most difficult and time consuming. The lack of feedback from 1st and 2nd interviews isn't helpful at all - particularly when you've passed their exercises - leaves you wondering what is the 'right' candidate?!

How quickly can u get the test done ?

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Normal technical questions about java/j2ee knowledge, agile methodology etc.

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