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I will describe the Peer programming exercise in more detail. It is already covered off in other posts about the event management system, but click on answer for more details.

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What you need to know is that you only have to edit two files. One is the Test file and is obvious from looking at the code. The other file is called DefaultEventManagerImplementation or something similar. This is the class that you have to understand and focus all your time on understanding what is going on in here. When i went for the interview i was taken to a room, handed a bit of paper describing the system, and told i would be left alone to look at the code for 10 minutes. Your pair then comes back into the room and starts drip feeding questions. ( The point here is you do not know how many questions he is going to ask ). In the 10 minutes alone, i had read the paper ( not very useful ) and started clicking around the 10 or so classes that are provided to try and understand the code. I had no real understanding of the code within this first 10 minutes. As you are then asked your first task, you feel obliged to start making changes. This was my mistake. My advice to anyone is spend the first 30 minutes understanding the DefaultEventManagerImplementation class. Tell your peer you want to understand this before hacking at the code. He can go if he wants, but dont touch the code until you understand this class. If you do this, you will sail through the four or five tasks which are rather simple, and finish within the hour. If you do what i did, and start modifying things after 10 minutes ( which they try to make you ) you end up confused and making mistakes as you are not familiar enough to confidently make the changes. I got everything working but took about 1hr 20 mins. If i spent 30 mins up front i would have killed it in an hour, easy. DO NOT TOUCH THE CODE until you are comfortable with what is going on.

Thanks for sharing. Do you mind sharing a little bit more about that 'DefaultEventManagerImplementation' ? e.g. the existing methods implemented already and their logic; the expectation of your changes there ?

An online tests which requires a bit of time (quite laggy as well beware) for screening, an hr call short one no significant questions, pair programming coding test, interview with senior developers where a whiteboard coding exercise is involved and you talk about your projects and finally management interview by team leaders.

No technical questions apart from how have I implemented testing

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I didn't do the screening part properly I think. If you are not used to pair programming or cannot grasp the concept in an hour then you are out. They give you a small problem and you have to fix the failing unit tests. Mine was around the concept of event listeners, events, event managers etc. I think I was a bit stressed with the fact that they were watching me code and I have a limited time.

The first round online test is the most difficult and time consuming. The lack of feedback from 1st and 2nd interviews isn't helpful at all - particularly when you've passed their exercises - leaves you wondering what is the 'right' candidate?!

How quickly can u get the test done ?

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