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Senior Manager Interview Questions


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Why do you think you are right for the role

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I have been a senior RM for the passed 3 years and I have excelled at all tasks provided to me, I am a senior member in my and 5 years junior to the next youngest member who comes to me for advice on a regular basis. I have the highest client satisfaction and most sales with highest loan utilisation of the entire team and have the highest sales record in ANZ history.

Why do you want to work here.

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Experience of working in my field

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Discuss a time where things didn't go to plan, and how you adapted to meet the new challenges.

Very silly and not professional

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Experience in handling tough deadlines, experience in handling tough stakeholders

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Many questions focused on team management / people leadership: What was your proudest / most challenging coaching moment?

Provide an example where you need to met a reduced delivery time frame and what actions did you undertake to achieve it.

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