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Senior Project Manager Interview Questions


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Why should we hire you?

1 Answer

I listed all my strengths combined with experience and qualifications but when tt was deciding point it was myself (female) and male who made it to the final rounds and they picked the male candidate over me the female just because it is male dominated industry. very distributing!!

Describe how you managed conflict

1 Answer

Stakeholder management, communication style, conflict resolution questions

What would be your approach to kicking off this project.

Give an example of a time a project did not go to plan.

1 Answer

Standard stuff...the kind of thing that you download from the internet.......can you give an example of where you have had to deal with difficult people.......that kind of thing.

Do you have formal project management skills (Agile, PMP etc) and if so, give us an example how the theory can sometimes clash with practical project requirements.

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