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solve a live coding challenge in one hour using C# and visual studio. Free to use google.

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--better not to reveal the question. People with clear mind and programming background should be able to complete it within 1 hour.



* Some Technical Questions to gauge my capabilities in PHP and Ruby * Some questions to dig into how I like to work, my hobbies, values etc

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How long will it take for an unsigned 64 bit counter to overflow on a xxx ghz machine and another coding problem that requires recursive programming.

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Would you like to work wit us

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I will describe the Peer programming exercise in more detail. It is already covered off in other posts about the event management system, but click on answer for more details.

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General skills questions: Technical JS questions, estimating work, frontend techniques, and security concerns about submission of information, etc.

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what is your recent project?

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Read data from a file (stored in little endian format) and display it.

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we are using udp, and find out the client program could not receive the udp packet, do u know where is the problem.

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Talk about a project you worked on. Usual work day: Scrum, SDLC, and ML

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