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Service Delivery Manager Interview Questions


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What is the name of a business magazine that you read to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in technology?

1 Answer

Cnet and ZDnet

They ran from general questions about my experience, to specific questions about some of the courses I've run according to my curriculum.

Q: Tell me about every job you worked for, and what you did there? Q: How would you do this role? Q: Are you flexible? Q: Why did you leave every job on your CV? Q: Are you prepared to learn the technical stuff?

Tell me about yourself. Explain a situation where you needed to lead a team and how did you did it. What is your biggest career achievement? If you have 6 meetings around the same time which one would you attend to? What is your criteria? Questions about specific parts of the cover letter.

How do you build a great relationship with the customer ?

1 Answer

Why are you leaving your position?

1 Answer

Incident management - how would you resolve a critical incident for a customer?

General experience questions, capability statement provided to the recruitment agency so interviewer already had a good understanding of my skills and experience

What is your leadership style?

1 Answer

How do you deal with conflicting priorities.

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