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Service delivery manager Interview Questions


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How do you build a great relationship with the customer ?

1 Answer

It's important to get off on the right foot and one of the best ways to do this is do something (all-be-it) small that is above and beyond what they are expecting. Something that is a pain point for them (even if small) builds great and quick trust and rapport.

How to satisfy angry customers?

1 Answer

the skills I had that could be brought into the company

1 Answer

standard questions on your skills, experience and how they are aligned with the role.

1 Answer

What is your leadership style?

1 Answer

What is the name of a business magazine that you read to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in technology?

1 Answer

Why are you leaving your position?

1 Answer

They ran from general questions about my experience, to specific questions about some of the courses I've run according to my curriculum.

How do you deal with conflicting priorities.

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