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How would you respond to a situation where a crisis has occurred?

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You should always follow proper protocol along with best practice guidance with an attentive mind and with an urgency.

They saw my CCNA certification, so they asked do i know how to work around switches? what do you think about customer service? technical questions: 1)How will you find out desktop ip add using CMD? 2) How will you check whether the server is working or not by using CMD? 3) Someone cannot log in on their workstations? troubleshooting process? 4) Printer troubleshooting process? 5) the internal and external support process? 6) a few more which I don't recall it now..!!!

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What makes you the best candidate? What previous (related) experience you have. What skills will you provide to the company?

what are some of the kpis for an it service desk

Usual situation based questions. Strengths and weaknesses. Career Goals.

Tell one experience where you had to contact a support center, what was done by them to solve your problem and how could have they made your experience better.

How would you react to an angry customer on the phone

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Write an incident reply, process and a report on a ticket from higher management of the client. (take-home)

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