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Deloitte Interviews in Shanghai /  HQ: New York, NY

32 Interviews in Shanghai (of 16,224)

2.8 Average

Microsoft Interviews in Shanghai /  HQ: Redmond, WA

23 Interviews in Shanghai (of 11,095)

3.2 Average

PwC Interviews in Shanghai /  HQ: New York, NY

27 Interviews in Shanghai (of 12,502)

2.9 Average

Interview Questions in Shanghai

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We hire the best people, why should we hire you?

2 Answers

good track record, passionate about business issues. Just keep your cool

Because there is one less to look for...

How big is the market size for wheelchair in shanghai?

3 Answers

There is a client whom you have to provide the report by evening ad all your tools fail and stop working what would you do in such a case?

3 Answers

If you were a manager, one of your team member commited an error. What'll you do if he or she committed the same error again?

3 Answers

How many Kids you have?

2 Answers

Can you handle the stress, job requirements and growth needed. What improvements did you recognize and what direction can you take this company.

2 Answers

How many client you have?

2 Answers

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4,23,68,101, (?)

1 Answer

They tested us by coming up with a sample lesson plan.

2 Answers

Dealing with difficult personality

2 Answers
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