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Given an array of integers too large to fit into memory, identify duplicates. The memory constraint was continuously tightened as possible solutions were suggested.

1 Answer

My first solution was to use a sequential search - O(1) space and O(n^2) time. My second solution was to use a bitmap index, assuming we could allocate enough words to represent the entire range of integers as sequential bits - O(n) worst case time. Other possible solutions included doing an on disk bucket sort using in place quicksort (or mergesort) as the sub-sort.

How do you count the number of cars in the car table per make of car?

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The development test was unexpected (because the questions were fundamental in nature), but not difficult.

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Complete functions within an application. Build a staircase, find a sub-list within a list. convert long to string in base 7. Look and say sequence. Control robot arm.

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No difficulty in their questions during interviews save for the online test by a 3rd party. Probably one of the easier jobs I have applied for in terms of question difficulty, They offset this of course with their long interview process that has the potential to lead nowhere.

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This one took me by surprise: write a function in C that will verify if an IPv4 address is correct or not.

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Tell us about CGI?

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Why are you interested in this job?

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1st phone screen: Technical behavioural questions + 2 fairly mediocre coding questions 2nd. Phone screen Technical behavioural questions + 1 fairly substantial coding question On-site interview 1st interview: coding questions about arrays and reading a file into memory 2nd interview: white board diagram design. Distributed systems architecture 3rd: behavioural/Admin: wishy washy behavioural questions + talked about signing bonus, start date, and stock 4th. Coding questions: object orientated class design. 5th. Technical behavioural 6th: coding: hardest coding question of the day

SQL questions. They give you a scenario and ask you to do some sql.

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