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The interviewer asked a question about sorting cards. Given a complete set of cards, you should sort them without using extra space.

3 Answers

I solved the interview problem. Computing the index for each card and inserting and swapping them into correct position.

Use linked list and solve it with Merge Sort.

It's a simple quick sort...

- How to determine if a given string is a combination of words in the dictionary. The given string does not have space at all. - Very complex questions about big O and improve algorithms

2 Answers

Write code to find the subtree of a tree which sums to the largest value.

2 Answers

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Asked to find the closest numbers between two lists

1 Answer

You receive a constant stream of numbers. You wish to maintain the median value at all times. How would you do this?

1 Answer

White Board problem solving(20 Minutes) Question and answers(10 Minutes)

1 Answer

1 online test and 2 technical problem solving interview test. The test was very similar to Google

1 Answer

Write a function to print all paths of a binary tree to a certain depth/length.

1 Answer

This one took me by surprise: write a function in C that will verify if an IPv4 address is correct or not.

1 Answer

Draw the system architecture of one of your projects

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