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Questions focused on customer experience, teamwork. Make sure you are familiar with Telstra's values

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Hi, I would like to ask what were the exact questions that were asked regarding customer experience and teamwork?

I can't remember the exact wording but that wouldn't help you anyway since they will likely phrase it differently for you. You shouldn't be worrying about the specific wording because if they ask if they phrase the question differently you will probably give a bad answer. Just focus on the main idea and make sure you don't rush in to answering the question straight away, think about it, and ALWAYS finish by saying exactly what YOU did (use the STAR method). Final advice is to be honest, they can tell when you're not being truthful :)

If we were willing to remove piercings, hide tattoos and dye our hair natural colours?

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why investment banking

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No technical questions asked, all were situational e.g. tell me a time where...

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Turn to the person next to you, learn everything you can about them and then tell the group

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Some other crap about how to deal with a customer of X age who comes in to shop in X manner. How do you deal with them?

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Tell us a situation where you _______ and how you handled it.

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Why do you want to work at EY and your department specifically.

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Can you drive a car? will you be able to work in remote area? Tell us 3 your advantages? Tell us how could you solve the conflict?

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It takes builder A 20 mins to build a house and builder B 30 mins to build a house, how long does it take if they work together

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