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What are your major strengths, then whatt do you consider to be your major weakness?

1 Answer

Turn the negative into a positive -ie. a major weakness (say) not being able to delegate without overseeing how the task is going ,can in fact be beneficial to ensure that you are in touch with the success of the desired final outcome - rather than later wish you had done it yourself so as to avoid the unforseen.

why you want to apply for the current position or what attracted you to apply for this position and also reason for leaving the previous job

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Please give an example of the present perfect tense.

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Please explain to me, as if I was a student, what the difference is between watch, see and look.

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What would you do if your relative became ill suddenly?

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Who was your favourite teacher at school?

Tell me about yourself Tell me about a time you were stressed and how you overcame it.

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