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Technical Interview Questions

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I wasn't expecting to walk into a large boardroom filled with 20 other applicants and have the group experience. Although I obviously passed that test, it initially sent my anxiety levels higher than I would have liked.

C++ multiple inheritance with virtual members.

What makes you a salesforce team member?

I got a technical question regarding Cisco technologies regarding a solution to avoid loops between switches (beside STP) which was under CCNP curriculum. Since my knowledge was limited to CCNA topics, I couldn't answer that.

Explain to Android developers how you would architect an iOS app and CoreData model?

What is your understanding of the SDLC? Whats the hardest technical issue you have resolved and how did you resolve it? What technical skills do you have? What units did you enjoy most at university and why? Etc.

4 pages long answer of technical solutions questions

How do you prioritize your work? Why do you want to work for this company and what can you bring to the job?

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