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Technical Interview Questions

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How do you prioritize your work? Why do you want to work for this company and what can you bring to the job?

Take us through a project you've previously completed, and all the challenges, decisions, and research involved with it.

The questions from HR were the standard behavioral type questions such as "how do you work in a team", "how do you deal with difficult stakeholders" etc. Stakeholder questions were more about what I had accomplished in previous roles.

Why did you choose a particular multiple for the valuation of a certain company?

Mostly just run of the mill interviews. We also went over an Excel and MS Word online test that I had to do previously.

I would say most technical questions are not unexpected, I got many behavioral questions from management side, like 'Is there problem that you feel really hard and haven't try yet', 'what if you are required to solve it, how would you get started?'

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