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Technical Interview Questions


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Technical Interview Questions

tell me the story of doing a task without sop?

If you had to replace a conveyor drive roller, how would you do it and how would you make sure it is aligned properly

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I would say most technical questions are not unexpected, I got many behavioral questions from management side, like 'Is there problem that you feel really hard and haven't try yet', 'what if you are required to solve it, how would you get started?'

When have you had to overcome technical difficulty?

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I wasn't expecting to walk into a large boardroom filled with 20 other applicants and have the group experience. Although I obviously passed that test, it initially sent my anxiety levels higher than I would have liked.

Explain how you would develop a marketing campaign

Explain to Android developers how you would architect an iOS app and CoreData model?

Nothing, I respect the non-discloser agreement.

Something on the "awk" command arguments

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