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Who was your most difficult customer? What's the difference between a single mode and multimode fiber. OSI Layers and protocols. OSPF and BGP routing protocols. What is a QSFP? Tell about a time you had to say no.

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Plugging your own service that forces people to pay for insight, model doesn't extend quite well in a C2B context. At least wet our beaks with a few insights (answers included) and if it's useful enough people will pay for more access. That's the main issue glass door and other (freemium) professional services. Monetizing effectively.

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What happens in Linux Shell when trying to run ls command, Describe TCP protocol, how is TCP different from UDP and when to use each one, DNS uses UDP or TCP protocol, What is the size of UDP packet, Describe what is a struct, enum and union in C, describe the memory structure on the operating system (heap,data and stack)

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How would you resolve conflict between two people on your team who are not working well together?

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