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Technical support analyst Interview Questions


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Q: Tell us about yourself? Q: What interests you about this job? Q: How many baseballs do you need to fill this room? Q: Some work specific questions

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There wasn’t any right or wrong answer to these questions. I guess they were interested in finding out how I approached the problem and my thinking style.

Tell me about yourself

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- What is RAID? - What is a RAID 5? - How do you troubleshoot a Windows BSOD? - How do you troubleshoot a PSOD in ESXi? - You get a call from the customer from large organisation, reporting that their server is down and 1000 users are affected. How would you respond and what would you do?

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How do you manage difficult customer, stakeholder and team member relationships?

What interests you about this role? Do you have batch scripting experience?

What kind of test scenarios would you consider in building a website with multiple payment providers?

There were lot of behavioral and situational questions and they gave me a good understanding of the vision and mission of the company. They asked me about my previous work experience and big data analysis project I did, as the final year of my degree.

Some vbasic TCPIP questions. What would you do if a user said they lost access to the network. Explain a difficult situation you've been faced by in your career and how you handled it.

Tell me about your education background in Australia.

How do you maintain a reasonable level of SLA with your clients?

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