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a view that you want to see from your room

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a thing that you want to get rid off

PI: Why did you apply for this job? What motivates you at work? And basic math test (eg, 1.6x5; 7x7; 5%of 100...) GI: as described above OI: Why do you want to work at Crown? What do you know about Crown? - Tell me a time when you boss complained about you and you disagreed - Tell me a time when you handled a stressful situation - Tell me a time when you made a mistake - ........................when you provided an excellent customer service - Negative and positive things about shift work.

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Alot of on the spot math questions. Percentages are important (5% & 10%). Chip Handling, you have to be able to hold/pick up 20 chips in each hand

In a face-to-face interview. What was your previous experience providing exceptional customer services?

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Tell us a specific time when you provided EXCEPTIONAL customer service?

Tell us a time when you received negative feedback and how did you deal with it?

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