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Bank AL Habib
Unit Supervisor was asked...23 July 2014

what do you want salary of growth as in increase in grade from previous organization

4 Answers

Please arrange interview on next any working day


I expect both. Increase Salary and grade of previous organization UBL Bank.

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Why is a Manhole cover round?

3 Answers

It is the only shape that by design cannot fall into itself.

What about an equilateral triangle. That also cannot fall in on itself.

Sorry, the Reuleaux triangle

Rain Bird

How influential are you in your current role and what are some of the methods you use to ensure your customers are satisfied with their products?

3 Answers

In my industry, an unsatisfied customer has the option of elevating concerns / issues all the way to the CEO. For this reason, my organization spends significant time on customer facing activities ranging from teleconferences to formal, face to face meetings. Formalized reports and summaries are produced and distributed to my organization's leadership team and elevated issues are addressed during internal meetings, as required. Less

Your answer was very good; however, your approach is not correct. A better approach to take is that Rain Bird's name sells itself, if you aren't happy then too bad, there are plenty of other customers out there. Way waste the time on a few disgruntled customers? Less

You also need to add that you'll find and hold someone responsible for the customer dissatisfaction, probably someone that was given responsibility with no authority nor resources, and then terminate him. Tony likes this. Less

Waffle House

Are you willing to work holidays?

3 Answers

Yes I don't mind as long as I have time for my family.

Well for one, why would you ever think you would NEVER cook?! What makes a great manager is being able to do the same job you expect your employees to do! Every manager at WH from Regional to District have cooking days on the floor and when staff calls off you are responsible for getting it covered or working it. That would be at any job that is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! Good thing you didn't make it as a manager there because you sound lazy and would be a horrible manager! Less

Hey idiot when your division and regional and even founder say that managers will no longer be cooking you believe them. I could do every single position in the restaurant. And there's a difference between having cooking days and being the only cook every day so stfu :) Less


Typical questions one would expect in executive-level interviews.

3 Answers

Fourth paragraph should have read: "...vague and *deflective* responses..."

This position is still not filled, yet it continues to be repeatedly posted, for nearly 2 years now. Seriously? Less

You are not alone in your Danaher experience. I too was shocked that a company known for process improvement conducted interviews in such a haphazard manner. Between August 1st and August 30th I had 8 interviews for a mid-level analyst position. I got zero feedback after the interviews, just a request for another interview. After my final interview on 8/30 I was told that would make a decision by the end of the week. That didn't happen, nor did it happen the follow week or the week after that. Yesterday I learned that they had went with an internal candidate. To say I was disappointed would Danaher would be an understatement. On the upside, I have a feeling we both dodged a bullet! Less

Shoppers Stop

Tell us something about yourself..why this job role...strengths and weakness, educational background..etc

3 Answers

Be Honest. One of the most important things to get right when talking about your strengths and weaknesses in an interview setting is honesty & e my work experience Less

my educationmsw human resources

Weakness my speaking English in fluent

Rocket EMS

Nothing specific. Didn't even look at my resume (I was referred by a friend).

2 Answers

It was a two-hour long BS session.

So true.

US Army

How long have you been interested in joining the Army?

2 Answers

About 8 yeah na

I do not no haw to get information about it

University of Kansas Medical Center

They asked about the companies mission statement and why I wanted to work for KU Med

2 Answers

Ku is a great teaching hospital whom is very passionate about research and advance healthcare, and the quality of care they provide is exceptional. I believe it’s a great place to learn and to grow. Less

I love that This Hospital offers continuing education classes to the employees. They are all about educating and helping Their employees reach their highest levels. I believe that this would be a great opportunity to grow and learn. Less

DC Department of Health

How soon can you start?

2 Answers

You must have known somebody and that is how it works there. It's not what you know but who you know. Less

As soon as possible.

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