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Multiple choice question like "How databases primary keys should be?"

1 Answer

Answered "Unique" and "Not-Nullable". Do you think that this is an appropriate question for an Executive role that is meant to be discussing multi-million dollar deals?

What have you learnt over the past 12 months

1 Answer

Describe your leadership style.

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why do you want the job

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Standard behavioural interview questions mainly- Some technical questions pertaining to the role- Nothing of value to share on this platform.

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Implement a HashMap in Java from scratch using Generics? Traversal algorithm & loop detection

Why do you want to leave your current role?

What's the formula to calculate negative churn and why is it important?

Technical expertise, precise technical questions

I can see from your CV you’ve been a VP in a previous role, do you understand this role is at a VP level?

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