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    I worked at Pulse (UK)


    Was with the company for 8 years, I believed what we were doing was good for the NHS and Private clients which is was as it was all about service and quality which in the early days was true. Good co-workers which on my team we worked like a team and would be there to support each other and would get some fantastic numbers on the board and didn’t let the major micro management certain other team’s experiences distract us however cringe worthy it would be sometimes to watch. Good benefits which you would expect from a corporate environment and management on the outside would be friendly. Nice enough offices, Kings Cross so fine to get too.


    Management were in a bubble with no diversity race wise and at one point due to the Divisional Boss who was a founder was quite Anti Male (This May of changed now) One question I thought was very weird at the 2nd interview was how would you feel working for a woman??? I thought I had kinda stepped back time and responded with surprise at the question but answered accordingly. You would have to fight to get your bonus of them, they would make up silly KPI’s which they knew were outdated and use it to deduct percentages off your bonus if you would let them get away with it. An example would be one month we were set a ridiculous target as a team and if the team didn’t hit it then you could of hit 40K just yourself but if your team didn’t hit it you wouldn’t get anything. My team were £5K of a target that was raised to a ridiculous amount yet we almost did it and we got nothing, no bonus yet management got theirs. That was the last time, as a team we decided to stop pushing if we didn’t feel we were going to hit the target and basically told management this as there would be no point so they then gave us a percentage of what we would get but still wasn’t much of an incentive if your doing really well personally. Middle management would always contradict itself as they would alway walk out of that LMT meeting with the most silly tasks which would send staff a different message to a couple of weeks ago which they then couldn’t justify when they would be questioned on this. Company lost its way with the introduction of NHS Caps, Pulse was always known for its quality but the biggest complaint from clients was how much they were being charged which was considerably more than other agencies were charging, when caps came in management decided that they knew best and wanted to keep their margin and assumed others would follow by declining the caps. They were wrong other agencies were actually far off the caps in terms of what they were charging so it didn’t need that much adjusting and over night Pulse lost Big Clients, Teams went from hitting £30K - £40K to barely hitting £10K - £15K which was the beginning of the end. Forward 2020 X2 New Divisional Director’s later and unfortunately Pulse haven’t been able to move on from the past. Speaking to people surprisingly still there from the old management they are effectively working for little or no commission as they have never recovered and other agencies have built positively working within Caps and IR35 and morale at Pulse is at an all time low and I’ve been informed that they are now changing the commission structure again which has been something they have been doing frequently with little success finding one that suits both parties.

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    Pulse (UK) Response

    HR Business Partner

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. It's good to read about the experience you had with your co-workers and that whilst you were working for us you considered our benefits and our work environment to be positive aspects of our business. It's disappointing to read your comments in relation to previous management and that your experience of working at Pulse wasn’t as positive as we’d like to achieve. We know the approach taken with the NHS caps had an impact on our business, however, this is something we have learned from. There have been changes to the structure and leadership team within the Pulse Nursing business and we are confident that issues you refer to are no longer current. We have recently introduced a career pathway, individual and team recognition and incentives and are working towards a clear vision for 2020. We always appreciate feedback, whether good or bad, in order to help us make Pulse a great place to work. Your comments have been fed back and we will work with the Leadership team to address these concerns so as to improve the experience of our employees both now and in the future. Thanks again for your contribution to Pulse over the time you’ve worked with us.

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    I have been working at Pulse (UK)


    great environment to work at.


    help lower management succeed to get better position.

    Pulse (UK) Response

    Head of HR

    Thank you for your review. It's good to hear you enjoy your working environment. As for helping lower management succeed, this is something we are currently working on and feel passionate about - we have recently developed our in-house Management Development programme and are continuing to focus on succession planning

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    Good employee who was very helpful


    Worked overly expected long hours

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