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    Fast Out of the Gate: Start a CS1000 Migration with Avaya Loyalty2gether

    I love to watch horses explode out of the gate at the track. The raw power and drive of a thoroughbred unleashed on 10 furlongs takes my breath away every time. I guess I've been thinking about this lately because the Kentucky Derby is now only a few weeks away.

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    Writing Text Bots with Amazon Lex

    In my last blog article, I wrote of the framework I developed to create SMS text bots. This framework uses the Avaya Breeze® Platform to send and receive text messages, Context Store to manage individual chat sessions, and IBM Watson to turn incoming text messages into actionable items. This division of labor allows anyone to create very sophisticated text bots with a minimal amount of effort and zero programming.

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    What next? Privacy or Profit?

    Have we turned a corner in terms of our attitude towards personal data and privacy, or will it be back to business as usual once the current Facebook furor has died down? Digital technologies have enabled both governments and corporations to build up a comprehensive picture of every aspect of our daily lives.

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    Business Communicators Demand a New Generation of UC Smart Devices

    Avaya's 2018 State of the Desktop research reveals there is a new generation of business communicators who bring a new set of needs and wants into the workplace. It also shows that selecting the right types of UC smart devices has broad implications across employee productivity-and for both employee and customer satisfaction.

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    Connected Health: The Digital Transformation of Care Innovation

    All around the world, across the spectrum of disease, IT is changing our approach to chronic conditions and how we approach connected health. Text messages remind people living with HIV to take their medication and keep their medical appointments. Smartphone apps diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder by analyzing a user's voice.

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    Feds Want 21st Century Collaboration Tools Despite Legacy System Limits

    Newly released survey results may mean big changes are on the horizon for government agencies. The survey, conducted by the Government Business Council and underwritten by Black Box and Avaya, shows that the federal government's outdated IT infrastructure is struggling to keep up with modern mobility and collaboration demands, and is even impeding the adoption of 21st century unified communication and collaboration tools.

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    Avaya Equinox, Now with Team Collaboration, Just Got More "Go-To"

    Mike Kuch | I recently read that the Apple App Store now contains about 2.2 million apps. It's an amazing number and a testament to the creativity of developers and the variety of our human interests and needs. But it made me wonder: how many apps can we really use on a regular basis & for what?

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    Building SMS Text Bots is a Breeze

    Andrew Prokop | As a nerdy guy, I love movies about other nerdy guys. Give me movies like "A Beautiful Mind," "The Theory of Everything," or "Einstein and Eddington" (two nerdy scientists for the price of one), and I am in geek heaven.

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    Increase Team Collaboration with Avaya Customizable Smart Desktop Device

    Vandana Brar | About 80% of companies still use siloed, manual tools that make seamless team collaboration near impossible. Consider IT: 60% of teams admit they need more than 15 minutes just to identify who should respond to an incident. Meanwhile, over half of managers believe their company's marketing processes are too complicated.

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    Avaya has Spoken: "Think Avaya. Think Cloud."

    If you haven't heard by now, Spoken Communications is spoken for. The Contact Center as a Service (CCaS) provider and pioneer in artificial intelligence for communications has officially joined the Avaya family. This is big news for Avaya, our customers and the market, and a key reason why when you Think Avaya, Think Cloud.

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