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  • Gensler and the not-for-profit 826 National are creating informal learning environments where students can sharpen their expository and creative writing skills.

    Designing Informal Learning Environments with 826 National | Dialogue Blog | Research & Insight | Gensler

    Today, educating the next generation isn't just happening within schools, but in informal learning environments as well. 826 National, a not-for-profit creative writing and tutoring center network serving underprivileged youth, is one organization that is taking a novel approach to designing learning spaces.

  • Our firm's design for a temporary place of worship at Notre-Dame is intended to offer a beacon of hope to Parisians and international visitors alike, while the 850-year-old cathedral is being restored. It will allow for public mass, as well as other events, for as many years as necessary. We have offered the design as a gift to the city of Paris.

    Gensler's Temporary Structure for Notre-Dame Has Just Been Unveiled

    It's been just over 100 days since the world was absorbed by the heart-wrenching images of a fire burning the sacred Notre-Dame cathedral to the ground. Thankfully, as has been well documented, the building was saved, due in large part to the heroism and quick thinking of several Parisian officials.

  • The ideal office is neither open nor private. It’s both.

    Giving Talent What They Want | Dialogue 34 | Gensler

    With U.S. and U.K. unemployment rates at their lowest points in nearly a half-century and a global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people projected by 2030, according to the consulting firm Korn Ferry, the global competition for talent is at an all-time high.

  • From incubating new ideas to addressing climate change, workplace design is shaping the future of cities and making the world a better place.

    Dialogue 34 | Gensler

    Gensler's mission is to use design to shape the future of cities, and that starts with shaping human experience. About 3.6 billion people live in urban areas now, and in our global workplace practice, it's our responsibility to create places for them that are healthy, connected, and socially responsible.

  • Growing a creative company requires a management style that emphasizes diversity and encourages a willingness to experiment even within the premise of productivity, writes Gensler Co-CEO Diane Hoskins.

    Managing for Creativity | Dialogue Blog | Research & Insight | Gensler

    As our world becomes more urbanized and connected, a company's competitiveness and speed determine success. To keep up with the robust pace and dynamics of our environment, every organization needs to creatively innovate while delivering value to the bottom line.

  • At Gensler, we put people first. Nowhere does that shine through stronger than in our model for Community Impact.

    Community Impact Puts People First | Dialogue Blog | Research & Insight | Gensler

    How are we doing that? Many of our offices are engaged in supporting organizations that help kids and students - the Next Generation. For example, we're designing inspiring learning environments for students with 826 National and City Year, and are working with many other organizations that support children in vulnerable situations.

  • Mobility has a profound effect on how people experience a city. Gensler’s CitySpace concept for Uber’s Skyport Mobility Hub uses the promise of Aerial Ridesharing to improve urban mobility, thereby reclaiming city streetscapes for people and reducing the amount of time commuters spend in transit.

    CitySpace: Gensler's Uber Elevate Skyport Concept Reimagines the Future of Cities | Gensler

    he Future of Cities relies on designers to consider mobility, human experience, climate change, connected cities, and social impact. As aerial ride sharing nears completion, Gensler's design for Uber's Skyport Mobility Hub takes all these factors into consideration.

  • ADA compliant products are often visually dispiriting, and millwork pulls are no exception. To address this issue, the Gensler Inclusion Hub designed Everyone Millwork Pulls, a collection of six stainless steel and wood millwork pulls that prove inclusive design need not exclude style.

    Inclusive Design Should Never Exclude Style | Dialogue Blog | Research & Insight | Gensler

    Products that are ADA compliant are typically well-engineered, but frequently bulky, poorly styled, and visually dispiriting - and millwork pulls are no exception.

  • The state of California recently released new Net Zero Energy code revisions, which should spur the design and construction of the greatest concentration of energy efficient buildings on the planet.

    California's New Gold Standard for Net Zero Developments | Dialogue Blog | Research & Insight | Gensler

    The latest innovation from the state that gave us blue jeans, popsicles, personal computers, skateboards, and the Internet has arrived: California's new Zero Net Energy code revisions, which will drive the creation of perhaps the greatest concentration of energy efficient buildings on the planet.

  • Technology alone doesn’t make a city “smart.” Smart cities use tech to serve people and enrich the urban experience for residents and visitors alike.

    Smart Cities Should Be Human Cities | Dialogue 33 | Gensler

    A layer of technology isn't what makes a city "smart." The tech must?be?used for purpose - seeking to bring?the living, breathing, urban citizen a tangible benefit.

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