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  • Fun fact time: Our new headquarters building is the 6th LEED-Platinum corporate office project in the state of Minnesota.

    A rare sustainability achievement

    Nearly one year ago, Land O'Lakes, Inc. completed construction on Building C at our Arden Hills headquarters. In partnership with architecture firm Perkins+Will, we worked to construct a highly efficient building while remaining cost conscious. We are excited to announce that Building C scored 84 out of 111 points on LEED's performance credit system, earning a Platinum certification.

  • Land O’Lakes Inc. was proud to be on site at the 13th annual Veteran’s Career Fair in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Our talent team and VETS employee resource group had a great time making new connections with military veterans. As an employer, Land O’Lakes is committed to helping our nation’s servicemen and women make successful transitions into civilian careers. Explore our careers site at

    Land O'Lakes Inc. - Careers information

    From technology and innovation to marketing and IT to science and agriculture -- we are looking for all the big thinkers and hard workers out there. Look no further than Land O'Lakes careers.

  • High tech STEM jobs in agriculture? Absolutely!

    There's a talent gold rush on modern agricultural careers

    Walk into the state-of-the-art labs of the WinField United Innovation Center in River Falls, Wisconsin, and you might be surprised at the age of many of the people hard at work. That's because many of the scientists and engineers behind protective eyewear at WinField United and other top agriculture firms today are millennials, as recent STEM graduates are suddenly reinvigorating a field that's often seen as traditional, even staid.

  • Meet Beth, our CEO.

    Beth Ford, Fortune 500 CEO, Approaches Leadership as a Team Sport

    When Beth Ford was a spirited child at Epiphany grade school in Sioux City, Iowa, no doubt the Catholic nuns recognized she was a smart student with tremendous potential. But about 45 years ago, they may not have fully grasped the competitive drive that Ford was developing in her own home as the fifth of eight children.

  • Few events display the strength we derive from our co-op model than the Annual Meeting -- and this year was the 98th time our farmer-owners assembled in Minnesota to learn about the business and elect leadership.

    Listen to what they had to say:

    Something Greater podcast bonus episode: The co-op soul

    Our 2019 Annual Meeting was one of our most successful -- hear directly from CEO Beth Ford and member-owners at the meeting The fact Land O'Lakes is a farmer-owned cooperative surprises many -- and few events display the strength we derive from that model more than our Annual Meeting.

  • What do basketball and agriculture have in common? A future rooted in data, technology and performance.

    Bot Shot: From farm to free throw

    Over the decades, basketball has moved from peach baskets and three man weaves to spreadsheets and science. So has agriculture. As technology infiltrates everything, the threads between sports and farming get stronger -- uniting work in the paint with work in the field. The connections are important.

  • In our latest podcast, Chief Technology Officer Teddy Bekele explains how we're using technology to help farmers make smarter decisions.

    Something Greater podcast episode four: Ag tech and e-business

    This is how our omnichannel strategy supports business growth in partnership with our retail owners In the 1930s, nearly 30 percent of the U.S. population were farmers, according to USDA data. That meant that more than 35 million of the country's 123 million total population were farming.

  • We are an organization created to uncover the future of our food system by challenging conventions.

    We're bringing The Copernicus Project to #SXSW to achieve exactly that.

    What is humanity's role in the food system?

    If there is anything that gets people talking, it's bringing up opinions on personal topics. And increasingly, strong opinions emerge on how we produce and consume our food. Food is one of the most personal things in life. Food is a centerpiece of culture, a predictor of health and can even be an expression of art.

  • Our 2018 Annual Report highlights our achievements in 2018 and gives you a glimpse of our exciting plans for the future.

    2018 Land O'Lakes, Inc. Annual Report

    In a disrupted environment, Land O'Lakes, Inc. is uniquely positioned to strengthen our businesses and our network of farmer- and retail-owners while transforming consumer perceptions and meeting the evolving needs of customers.

  • We believe through our cooperative system and our farmer owners, we're better when we work together. All together better.

    Something Greater podcast episode three: All Together Better

    Hear Land O'Lakes President of Dairy Foods Chris Roberts and Chief Marketing Officer Tim Scott talk new marketing efforts When 320 dairy farmers founded our cooperative nearly 100 years ago, the aim was to solve specific problems: Everything from butter's high transportation cost to market access to quality control.

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