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  • We are proud to be the only financial firm recognized as a top employer for #GenZ workers in @Glassdoor's recent poll. We believe in fostering a collaborative, inclusive culture where all generations work together to lead with exceptional ideas.

    The Next Generation of Talent: Where Gen Z Wants to Work - Glassdoor Economic Research

    Move over, millennials. Generation Z (Gen Z) is the newest player in today's job market. The oldest members of Gen Z have entered the labor force during a period of record low unemployment and during a time when employers are fighting to hire and retain top talent.

  • “It’s a wonderful thing to have Carla Harris walk into a room with you or make a call on your behalf.” Tanya Van Court, founder and CEO of Goalsetter, shares with other founders from our Multicultural Innovation Lab how that first introduction can mark a turning point in building the network to make a brilliant idea become a thriving business.

    How Entrepreneurs Build Connections

    Moderator: How did you find out about the Multicultural Innovation Lab? Were there connections involved in that process? Van Court: When the Lab application came out, no fewer than seven people forwarded it to me and said, "You absolutely need to apply for this." These were people I knew through entrepreneurship circles.

  • Strong consumer spending and wage growth bode well for U.S. holiday sales growth, but headwinds temper forecasts.

    Holiday Retail Outlook: Both Naughty and Nice

    Strong consumer spending, wage growth and low unemployment could boost U.S. holiday sales growth, but the retail calendar and poor weather may temper results.

  • Are you interested in restarting your career? Learn more about our Return to Work Program, which offers experienced professionals an opportunity to re-enter the workforce and restart their careers.

    Return to Work: An Investment Banker's Story

    Catherine Suprun didn't think she could return to investment banking and also raise children - until she found Morgan Stanley's Return to Work program.

  • How do you beat the market? "Not by chasing it, but being ahead of the next big trend," says Ruchir Sharma, head of emerging markets and global strategy at Morgan Stanley.

    Ruchir Sharma | Morgan Stanley Investment Management | Head of Emerging Markets and Chief Global Strategist

    How Morgan Stanley Investment Management's Chief Global Strategist developed a framework for identifying emerging-market winners.

  • Ready to make the next step for your future? Check out our career finder to help you choose a program that best matches your interests.

    Our Programs

    We visit the Berkshires, in western Massachusetts, to see what a local currency, the BerkShare, can teach us about the value of alternative currencies.

  • Are you transitioning or retiring from the military? Read the four tips Morgan Stanley armed service veterans offered to help those in uniform transition to civilian life.

    6 Tips on Easing into Civilian Life

    Leaving the military can be as daunting as it sounds, especially if you're focusing on everything you may be leaving behind and stressing about everything that lies ahead. Here's another way to think about it: With the right strategy, mindset and preparations, it can be the next great adventure of your life, whether it's further education, a new career, or a fresh start in a place you've never been.

  • "Why work at Morgan Stanley? Flat structure, open environment, and helpful colleagues,"says Ali, an executive director and software developer in Budapest. Read his story here.

    Ali, Software Developer

    Ali, a software developer for Morgan Stanley in Budapest, discusses projects and the collaborative nature of his team.

  • Yes, you need a compelling cover letter and a stellar resume, but looking great on paper is just the start. If you’re asking what makes for the perfect application, you may be asking the wrong question. Learn more:

    5 Ways to Get Noticed as an Applicant

    If you're asking what makes for the perfect application, you may be asking the wrong question. While cover letters and great resumes are essential, recruiters often search for something more. "The students who go the extra mile always attract more attention," says Meredith Hotarek, a recruiter for Morgan Stanley.

  • Job interviews can be tough. Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley, and Mike Steib, CEO of the XO Group, joined the TODAY Show to share tips about nailing your next job interview

    How to nail job interview questions (like 'Why should we hire you?')

    Mike Steib, CEO of the XO group that runs websites The Bump, The Nest and The Knot, and Carla Harris, author of "Strategize to Win," test the job interview skills of TODAY's Take co-hosts Alfonso Ribeiro and Sheinelle Jones, and critique their responses to "What superpower would you want to have?"

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