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10 Reasons to Advertise Jobs on Glassdoor

Reduce Costs & Turnover

10 Reasons to Advertise Jobs on Glassdoor

You have a careers section on your website and all the job aggregators are posting your job openings. So why should you advertise your jobs with us? Glassdoor helps significantly reduce recruitment costs and turnover by putting your jobs in front of the most informed candidates.

Here are 10 reasons why you should advertise your jobs on Glassdoor. 

  1. It takes half the applications to get a hire on Glassdoor. Other job sites claim that they’ll bring you loads of applicants. But are they the right ones? It takes half the applications to get a hire on Glassdoor1 because the candidates who select your company are more engaged, responsive and informed. This reduces the time and cost of hiring.
  2. Glassdoor candidates are 2x more likely to be hired.1 Job seekers on Glassdoor have over 35 million reviews and insights at their disposal, and they read at least 7 of them before forming an opinion on a company.2 This means the right candidates self-select for your jobs, which translates into higher quality candidates and reduced turnover for you.
  3. It will optimise your recruiting strategy. With Glassdoor you can monitor how your job advertisements are performing. See exactly who is engaging with your jobs, and measure clicks and apply stars to your jobs so you can make data-driven adjustments to your approach.
  4. Get more from your recruiting budget. Glassdoor job ads allow you to adjust your advertising budget to your recruiting needs — spend less when you’re hiring less.
  5. Poach candidates from the competition. On Glassdoor, you can advertise your jobs on your competitors’ profiles and prevent them from advertising on yours. The best and most relevant candidates always see your job post, no matter where they look.
  6. Precisely target the people you need. You get more qualified applicants and spend less time digging through CVs with targeted job ads that select job seekers by location, industry and role.
  7. Glassdoor users are looking for jobs. Over 48 million unique users visit Glassdoor every month3, and 9 in 10 of them are actively looking for work or open to new opportunities.4 It’s the #1 reason why people visit Glassdoor.
  8. Sponsored job posts get 13x more clicks. Since Glassdoor aggregates job postings, yours may already be listed. But sponsored posts get 13x more clicks and 11x more apply starts than non-sponsored job posts, so you’ll get more qualified candidates faster.5
  9. Hire more informed candidates. Candidates on Glassdoor are more informed about your company, so they come in with the right expectations about what it’s like to work there. Job seekers who do their research on Glassdoor are also 30% more likely to get hired.6
  10. Build your employer brand. When you advertise jobs on Glassdoor along with an Enhanced Employer Profile, it increases the visibility of your brand and sets you apart from the competition. It also gives you genuine feedback from interviews and employees so you can continue to refine your hiring process and improve your company culture.

Advertise Your Jobs on Glassdoor


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