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  • Your biggest dream is to become a pilot? Then don’t miss your chance to join our Pilot Cadet Training Programme! More information at:

    Pilot Cadet Training Programme

    The Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme aims to equip cadets, from day one, with the skills and mind-set required to become an "operationally-ready pilot" focusing on the all-important development of key pilot technical and behavioural competencies.

  • "It doesn’t matter how many X-chromosomes you carry in your body. Believe in yourself and be ready to achieve that eXXtra mile! (pun intended)"

    Gayathri - Airbus ‘Intrapreneur’ (Internal Entrepreneur), Airbus BizLab, India

    Airbus offers plenty of various job opportunies within the field of aerospace engineering. From experienced professional to students, find the right job for you at Airbus, Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Defence & Space.

  • "Never take knowledge, skill and competences for granted. For me it always made a big difference to have a “can do” attitude combined with a clear goal, team work beyond siglums, respect for everyone regardless the position, and passion for what I do. Being a woman is linked to a big load of social and family responsibilities. Considering that there are still only a few women in top level executive positions it remains important to fight against stereotypes and to strive for real equality everywhere in the world."

    -Maria, VP LPT/PDT Rear Fuselage & Empennage for A350

  • One quote from Gandhi really inspires me every day:” Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

    Helene, International Cooperation Manager, France

  • We would like to know what you look for in your ideal employer! Join the students, recent graduates, and professionals from over 70 countries around the world who have already shared their views with us, and take our short survey before September 30th.

  • Who could give a better career advice than our employees?
    "It is essential for success to challenge yourself every day. But be smart with your energy and focus on your priorities." – Beatriz, Risk & Opportunity Manager, Spain

  • The key to success? Never give up to work towards your dreams: “We can do it, there is always a way! You get out of life what you put into it!” –Jacqueline Castle, Head of A350 Landing Gear

  • “Since I was a child, I always dreamed of being a military pilot.
    Yes, it’s a male dominated environment, but the key to success is to be yourself & no one can undermine the fact that you’re a woman." -Female Eurofighter pilot in Italian Air Force

  • Airbus’ employee and para-triathlete champion Andy Lewis is an inspiration on and off the field. Like his story shows, we believe in building a more inclusive and equitable world for persons with disabilities:

  • We celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities with pilot and motivational speaker Jessica Cox. She travels the world encouraging people to eliminate the words "I can’t" form their vocabulary. Read her story:

    Thinking outside the shoe

    At two years old, she would play with toys using her feet. At the age of 14 she was already a Taekwondo black belt, mimicking the movements that others made with their arms, and at 25 she became the first person in history to be a certified pilot using only her legs to fly the plane.

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