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Typical Android Layouts (What's the best way to lay element vertically etc.). Android Lifecycle. LinkedList vs Arrays.

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I guess the answer to the first question would be listView? Or if is supposed to be a layout, LinearLayout would be my solution.

Yes, the answer is (obviously) a Vertical LinearLayout. I had a bit of a brain fart and called it a Linear ListView, which is incorrect.

Hello Michael, Have you been in a FB's interview before?

Why apply android position at tigerspike?

What is balanced tree? What is the complexity of it?

Did you make any mistake in your professional career?

Usual android question about layouts with a array manipulation

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Some scientists want to replace their paper based experiment result logs with an application. The experiments can have either text, an image, or a sketch. Create a design for this system

A multi-choice question sheet on basic computer science stuff

If you get thru technical questions it is expected you send them application sources which look as complete app and really impressive. No point to send several incomplete apps better send completed one.

The questions they asked you is not difficult, but the the form of the group interview is weird and uncomfortable. You are required to implement a GUI gimmick effect in one hour. In the mean time they keep interrupting you and forcing you to follow their idea which leave you no time to think about your solution. This is the very tricky part. It's like one interview I did with another startup before. They are not really hiring, but just getting free solutions and ideas from candidates, because they are starting an new app development project. Some startups solve their technical problems in this way. So do not feed bad if you missed. The on-site interview requires 3 hours which is too long. Don't waste your time.

Q: Can you walk us through a piece of code that you're particularly proud of?

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