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Why do you want to work for Mott Mac What are your strengths What do you think is the biggest challenge you've had? What is the most recent rewarding moment for you Why did you choose to come to Sydney Why did you choose your degree Tell me more about the context of your extra curricular things you did in uni (cruise party) In a team, what role do you play? Are you a leader? In day one of your job, how do you think you will learn? What are the subjects you find most interesting in uni and why? What do you think you can bring to Mott McDonald? Do you think you are a doer or leader in the team? Tell me more about your time management skill Tell me more about how you work well under stress What do you think is the biggest challenge in consultancy nowadays? Tell me about the group activity this morning, what role did you play? Where do you see yourself in 5 years You think 10 years to become a project manager is reasonable? Why is getting chartered so important to you? What is your thesis topic and what are you gonna do with it? How many people in your thesis group? What location do you prefer? What sector do you prefer to work

Can you do red pen markups for a site (manager was structural engineer)

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Why would you join this company? What is your interest in Lend Lease?

Why are you leaving your current organisation?

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What 4 qualities would a friend describe about you....

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What was a time you faced uncertainty in a situation and how did you manage it?

It was not difficult Fact finding on me personally to see where I may fit in the project space

general questions about your strength, interest, achievements, communication skills.

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