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Water Resources Engineer was asked...22 March 2021

technical hard skills you bring to team

1 Answers

Discussed my programming, cad and modeling skills

Northwest Hydraulic Consultant

How fast can you do it ?

1 Answers

Let me try

Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson

Do you have EI?

1 Answers


New Gold

Tell me about your experience.

1 Answers

I explained about my experience and how it might match with the position.


What does your focus want to be?

1 Answers

I answered coastal engineering. My interviewer asked me to expand and said I wasn’t specific enough even though I explained since I was applying for an entry level position and had no experience working in any engineering field I just had a general interest. Less


Asked about my background and went through everything on my resume.

1 Answers

Were you asked about transcripts?

Whitman Requardt and Associates

You designed a pond? Was it wet pond or fry pond?

1 Answers

I specified at the beginning the pond that I designed is just a draft that my supervisor wanted me to draw on AutoCAD. But one of the interviewers who was intterogating me wanted to catch me in the middle to see if I lied or not by asking technical questions Less

Waterman Group

Example of some of the work I have previously undertaken.

1 Answers

Showed them some work.

Wood PLC

There are few questions I think really worth to prepare before the interview. One is about why you choose your school and why you choose your major. They also ask you about the experience in detail which you wrote on your resume.

1 Answers

I said I choose this university is because I want to live close to my family and the reason I attending this major( this is personal). And I talked about the project I did with sharing them on my screen. Which helped me to show the work I did more directly. Less


are you willing to relocate?

1 Answers

sure I would open to relocating.

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